A voice for the children on Father’s Day:
I Need You Dad
On the day I was born in this dangerous world
I needed a power that would fight for my good
A man to provide for my mom and my needs
To clean up my mess when I pooped or I peed
I need you dad.
And as I grew into a boy off to school
I needed a wisdom to teach me what’s true
A man to instruct my curious mind
To discover the truth and share what I find
I need you dad.
And when I met other kids who wanted to play
I needed a hand to send me away
A man to tell me it would be okay
To leave mommy’s side and make friends today
I need you dad.
And when I faced bullies who wanted to fight
I needed a strength in which I could hide
A man to protect me from wicked abuse
To oppose the injustice and take no excuse
I need you dad.
And when I met women who melted my heart
I needed a father to help me be smart
A man to show me what desires are for
To test what I wanted, and needed, and more.
I need you dad.
And when I had failed you and lied to your face
I needed forgiveness, an abundance of grace
A man to show me what God is like
Who gives sinners a safe place to speak truth and not hide
I need you dad.
And when I had fallen captive to sin
I needed a savior to help me to win
A man to point me to victory in Christ
To teach me the gospel and give hope to my life.
I need you dad.
And now that I’m grown up and ready to fly
I need a good mentor to help me see “why?”
A man to reveal my mission and call
To give meaning to life, my passion and all.
I need you dad.