Visiting an ICE Detention Center

A stunning rainbow lights up the brooding sky above the Northwest Detention Center. It’s been more than a year since my friend was free. I want to see him before Christmas.

I walk past a barbed wire fence to the steel front door of the building. It turns out the guards had to recently replace it because an angry visitor pulled the old one off its hinges.


What the Magi story teaches us about Divine Guidance

Think about the last time you wanted guidance.

Maybe you wish your boss was clearer about their expectations. Or maybe you wanted help repairing a broken relationship. Or maybe you felt stuck or lost in some part of life, unsure about what to do next.

We’ve all been there. And sometimes, we wish God would help.


“Hello World”


The glory in a line of code;
Infinity’s echo >

A silent ode
To the beginning
When all was
void, null, undefined

Until a Mind spoke:
{ structure, class, function }
Composed into Creation;

Infinite complexity
With elegance and simplicity.

The perfect language;
The Word of God.


A Second Reformation?


What would it look like around the world as people catch what it means to serve God in all areas of our lives?

What would it mean for our churches to experience a Second Reformation?

We explore the history of the first Reformation to uncover the striking similarities to our present situation–similarities which explain why we’re ripe for a Second Reformation.

By seeing the implications for our society, churches and personal lives this talk presents a kind of roadmap for leaning into what God is doing in our disruptive times.


Diversify your Dopamine Portfolio

After a 24-hour hackathon last weekend, my body feels out of whack. I’m staying up late, have a hard time focusing, and waste hours playing an addictive game on my phone.

I’ve run hackathons before. This year was great because I got to take on a supportive role to a friend from Microsoft who led it.

So why do I feel burnt out?

Simultaneous to running the hackathon, my company launched a campaign called Project Pentecost. One of our promises is a powerful video in many languages that churches can play on Pentecost to cast vision for diversity in the church that reflects the Kingdom of God.