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Christopher Lim is founder of TheoTech, a company activating a movement of technology entrepreneurship for the Gospel. TheoTech produces Ceaseless, an open source app that helps people personally pray for everyone on earth, as well as, a platform that empowers people to create accessible multilingual experiences through real-time captions and translations. Chris also co-organizes the Seattle Code for the Kingdom Hackathon, hosts the TheoTech Podcast and writes about the theology of technology and entrepreneurship at

Long Form

Chris Lim is founder of TheoTech, a company activating a movement of Technology Entrepreneurship for the Gospel, which means beginning with God as the customer and working backwards to deliver the outcomes He desires to see in the world.

TheoTech produces the award-winning, open-source app Ceaseless, which helps people pray for all the important relationships in their lives so that we can collectively pray for everyone on earth. TheoTech also produces, a platform that empowers people to create accessible multilingual experiences through AI-assisted real-time captions and translation.

Chris also hosts the TheoTech Podcast and writes about the theology of technology and entrepreneurship at You can reach Chris on X @meritandgrace.

Past Topics/Interviews/etc

You can find more recorded talks on the TheoTech YouTube channel and hear podcasts episodes here.

A Digital Kingdom for a Digital World

Digital technology has transformed our lives, connecting us with the world and one another on unprecedented levels. As followers of Jesus we are responsible for making the most of this opportunity for the sake of the Gospel. This talk will cast a vision for how developers, designers, entrepreneurs, organizations and everyday Christians can collectively maximize their Kingdom impact in a digital world.

Faith, Tech and Entrepreneurship: Does Faith Make a Difference?

How Christians should respond to AI interview on HTBT

Why Code for the Kingdom? 

4 Global Challenges – A description of the 4 challenges we address in the Code for the Kingdom Global Hackathon 2015.

Tech Initiatives that are Advancing the Gospel

How to Make Jesus Your Customer Interview on HTBT

Coding in the Dark: The Risks and Rewards of Innovating for the Kingdom.

Accelerating the Gospel: How technology enables the Church to create Kingdom foretastes like never before.

Theology of Technology – We live in a rapidly changing and highly technological milieu, but how do we make sense of it all in light of the promise of God’s kingdom? What is technology, why does it exist and how do we use it to advance God’s kingdom?

Technology Entrepreneurship for the Gospel – Theologian Frederick Buechner once wrote, “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”  Can we activate a movement of people who passionately begin with God and work backwards to create the things He desires to bless the world and advance the Gospel? How can we sustainably unleash people’s gifts to accelerate the Gospel?

Technology Stewardship – What is the unique role God has prepared for technologists in his Kingdom? How do they serve the Body and the world? How can churches and ministries support them in the use of these technical gifts and knowledge? How can technologists be unleashed to invent and simplify solutions that reflect the promise of God’s kingdom?

Ceaseless: Why we should personally pray for everyone on earth – Technology has made it feasible to personally pray for everyone on earth. 10 million Christians praying for 3 people each day could personally pray for the 1.3 billion people on Facebook in less than a year. This talk explores the Scriptures to make the case that such a grand task is not simply a nice idea or idealist dream, but a Biblical mandate, being close to God’s heart and a privilege and responsibility of all believers as a royal priesthood. (

Succeeding at Amazon as a Christian – Hear the story behind a group of believers at Amazon who compared the leadership principles used in the Amazon performance review process with the Scriptures to discover both how God uses the workplace to disciple His people as well as how believers are uniquely positioned to bless the workplace. This framework can be applied to any company to help believers live out the values of God’s kingdom while succeeding in the marketplace. (Read the blog series)

Merit & Grace – If God is sovereign, then why do we work hard and how are we to go about our work? What are the implications of God’s sovereignty on human efforts and merits? This talk explores the tension between divine sovereignty and human responsibility in order to help people experience the blessings of Spirit-led, faith fueled labor as opposed to human-led, self-reliant work or paralyzing despair. It ends with a simple conclusion that frees one from envy while stirring up a zeal for good works.

venture calvinist
  1. someone compelled by the love of God to embark on risky adventures for the sake of the gospel because he/she loves others and trusts in God’s sovereign grace.
  2. a “speculator” who makes themselves and all they possess available for innovative projects that magnify the supreme worth of Christ and bless the world at large because they trust in God’s sovereign grace.
  3. a silly pun on venture capitalism which allocates money to high risk/high reward opportunities frequently in the technology industry.

Helping Multilingual Churches Thrive
If God’s kingdom is going to consist in people from every tribe, tongue and nation, then the church today should reflect that future reality. To the degree possible, churches should not be segregated by language. This is not simply an ideal, but an essential aspect of bearing witness to the Gospel that proclaims Christ as King of Kings, showing that his community is not united by human ties like language or culture, but by the Holy Spirit. This talk explores the challenges of being a multilingual church and explores how people, process and technology can help turn the difficulties into opportunities for growth, vitality and love. (

What is our place in God’s story? – By understanding the arc of God’s story from Genesis to Revelation, we can better understand who we are, where we came from, where we are going and what that means for what we should be doing in the present. Hear a message on this subject.

All Things Work for Good? – Do you struggle with believing that God loves you? Do the circumstances of life seem to disprove the very notion? The Scriptures say God works everything for the good of those who love him. But what if we doubt it? What do we do when life seems to show the opposite?

In this message, I briefly share about my tech startup experience in light of the Bible passage Romans 8 and explore how life changes when we’re convinced that God absolutely loves us.