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Joining God’s Workforce

What does it mean to work for God? What can we expect and how do we know what to do? In this sermon from Matthew 9:27-38 I share about Jesus’ unexpected motivation, vision and instructions for those who are to… Continue Reading →

App Review: Accordance Bible Software

At TheoTech, we have three Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) that exemplify the need for technology entrepreneurship for the Gospel: Personal prayer for everyone on earth Thriving, Ubiquitous Multilingual Churches Worldwide Biblical Literacy Each goal stems from a Biblical mandate with a contemporary flair rooted… Continue Reading →

2 ways the Seahawks Parade illustrated the Bible

More than 700,000 people welcomed the Seattle Seahawks from their victory at the Super Bowl. I am proud to say I was one of them. While waiting for the parade to start I was reminded of two stories from the Bible:… Continue Reading →

Are Honor Killings Condoned in the Bible?

A friend of mine asked a really hard question. It seems like honor killings are condoned in the Bible. What does this mean for Christians? Below is the Facebook conversation with my response at the end: ######## (My Friend Posted… Continue Reading →

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