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Thoughts on the Bezoses’ Divorce

I was sad to read that Jeff & MacKenzie Bezos are divorcing after 25 years of marriage. After commenting on Amazon Leadership Principles, Jeff Bezos’ biggest fear and also comparing Bezos’ wisdom with the Bible, it was disheartening to see… Continue Reading →

“Kryptonite or Sunshine” and 2 other V-day poems

Ah Valentine’s Day, the one day in the year when all the silly, sappy and serious poetry of the past is socially acceptable to share. Here are three poems for your pleasure (read lyrically aloud for maximum effect). Kryptonite or Sunshine Girls… Continue Reading →

Something to look forward to if you are single (or not)

What do think is the most romantic time of year? I have always considered it to be Christmas: the festive atmosphere coupled with below freezing temperatures that bring people together or the fresh winter air contrasting with the warmth of… Continue Reading →


After a tiring week at work, I wanted nothing more than to relax at home alone, but a gnawing anxiety crept through my heart on the bus ride home. I’m calling it lonelyphobia. There are all sorts of causes for… Continue Reading →

How to Rebuke a Friend

The look on his face said it all. A stiletto tongue emerged from his rage contorted countenance,  launching a barrage of words accusing me of misinterpreting, badmouthing and misjudging. Words designed to stab the heart and twist hard. Words designed… Continue Reading →

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