Ah Valentine’s Day, the one day in the year when all the silly, sappy and serious poetry of the past is socially acceptable to share. Here are three poems for your pleasure (read lyrically aloud for maximum effect).

Kryptonite or Sunshine

Girls are kryptonite
Or sunshine, it depends on…
I don’t have a clue…


Longing for “At Last”

Until that time
When you are mine
I beg for grace
To endure
The anxious race
For love so pure
That it will bring
Only joy
And will sing
Bright and coy.

Through the sorrows
Each tomorrow
Leads to hope,
Faith and love.
So let’s elope
From earth above,
A taste of heaven,
That others will see,
And crave to get in
on Holy Trinity.

For They made man
And They made land
From which there came
Someone special
Not quite the same
But with differential
Glory, beauty,
winsome smile
Evoking holy
Relief and–
“At last”.

A Poem Can’t Make You Love Me

A poem can’t make you love me
But still it’s worth a try
To speak honestly and freely,
To let you hear my cry.

Why do feelings come and go,
Fleeting as they please?
I thought loving kindness would
Be enough to please.

“Give it time”
Will tell what exactly?
One day we’re fine,
Suddenly anxiety.

I’m here for you no matter what
But still it makes me sad
To hear that you don’t feel the same
As if I have been bad.

Then again I feel confused,
Sometimes you seem happy
With true delight, affection, joy,
Feeling like we’re lucky.

But other days you seem so scared
Of problems overwhelming
And want to hide inside your bed
From dangers that are felling

Your joy and peace
Both day and night
Pushing you to
Fight or flight.

But pillows make
For sorry shields–
To knightly strength
Does danger yield.

I mean of course
Your Mighty Friend.
I’m a lowly
Squire hand,

Holding up the shield of faith,
Slashing with the Word.
More at stake than chemistry,
Your joy in Christ, the Lord.

If that you have,
But romance hides,
I’ll be content
And stand aside.

But if Satan seeks to steal
Your happiness in Christ,
I will fight with all my strength
For your abundant life.

A poem can’t make you love me,
But love can make a way
To wait and speak and act and give
Grace for another day.