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How to build enduring habits

Think about the last time you felt seriously unproductive. Not the casual “I feel like going to the beach and taking a day off”, but the “I don’t want to get out of bed and reply to dreaded e-mails” kind of unproductive…. Continue Reading →

How to stay productive in times of distress.

While getting my inbox to zero, I noticed a pattern in the messages I failed to reply to. Most were dated around seasons of emotional distress. The pressures of life had drained my capacity to respond to even the simplest… Continue Reading →

Achievement Unlocked: Zero Inbox…and You Can Too!

I recently reached my long desired goal of an empty inbox. That’s right, I went from over 2,000 messages to this: Why thank you Gmail Sunshine Face, I think I will enjoy my day! 🙂 It wasn’t easy, but it was… Continue Reading →

3 Steps for Getting Things Done

I recently found these steps to be very practical however obvious they may seem at a glance. They are especially helpful when I feel stuck. #1 Trust God Completely Distractions are the enemy of productivity. But why do we accept distractions? Why… Continue Reading →

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