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Why Christians suffer persecution if Christ victoriously rose from the dead and what we can do about it.

This is a manuscript from a brief missions presentation given at Indonesian Presbyterian Church. Brothers and sisters, as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, I want to draw your attention to the sufferings of His Body, his… Continue Reading →

What I learned from Urbana 2012

The antiphonal hallelujahs crescendoed to blazing lights which I thought would explode from the joyous singing. It was the last night of¬†Urbana and we ushered in the new year with a 16,000 strong multilingual, multicultural worship service. It was incredible…. Continue Reading →

Business Changing the World at Urbana 2012

This year my sister and I are attending the Urbana Conference¬†put on by InterVarsity. I was initially reluctant to go because I’m no longer a student, but then I learned that they have a “Business Changing the World” track and… Continue Reading →

The Empty Seat

What does this picture bring to mind? Awkward moments seeking the passenger who will cause the least discomfort to you? A chance to finally rest your legs after a crowded commute? I always look for the empty rows when I… Continue Reading →

Praying for Missions

This was a response I wrote to a prompt for my church: What does praying for missions look like in your life? What makes it difficult? In my life, prayer for missions is sadly limited to the occasional remembrance of missionaries… Continue Reading →

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