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3 Hackathon Inventions to Help You Enjoy ALL of God’s Word

Have you read the entire Bible? Do you think God wants you to? Do you feel bad for not doing it? Are you tired of people (or yourself) telling you you should? Do you “play it safe” by sticking to comfortable… Continue Reading →

Rejoicing in Absentia

Last weekend, Ceaseless won Best Existing Code and Best Use of the Digital Bible Platform at Code for the Kingdom Bay Area. I missed the announcement of the winners because I had to catch a flight back to Seattle. This… Continue Reading →

Waiting to Pitch

Poem describing how I felt before pitching at Code for the Kingdom Bay Area. See Rejoicing in Absentia for part 2. Anxious waiting, bated breath Drumbeat heartbeat, racing mind Blinking, shaking, questioning If I’m crazy. Theory, practice, saying, doing, knowing,… Continue Reading →

3 lessons learned from Code for the Kingdom Seattle

After 36 hours of hacking, 12 teams of technologists, entrepreneurs and designers presented their solutions to 7 challenges at Code for the Kingdom Seattle. The excitement was palpable as people demoed what they built together and recounted how God energized them for… Continue Reading →

3 lessons learned from AngelHack Seattle

I recently did a hack-a-thon: nearly 24 hours of intense coding to transform a nascent idea into something useful that can wow judges and attract investment. It all began when my friend David (read his thoughts here) told me he really,… Continue Reading →

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