Writing is like installing a screen protector on a smartphone.

You blow off all the electrified dust bunnies and painstakingly try to lay on the clear sticker without creating ugly bubbles of doom. The first try is usually pretty good, but you see a few annoying bubbles near the bottom of the screen where your keyboard is, so you gently peel back the sticker, undo the bubbles and lay it flat again–only this time a flying dust bunny wafted right under your fingers and made its home in bubble #2. So you peel back the sticker AGAIN and lay it flat, this time vigilantly cradling your phone to protect it from the dust bunnies of doom.

Sometimes, your effort pays off and your phone’s screen looks brilliantly clear and safe. Other times, the sticker loses it’s stickiness and your screen protector is slaughtered by the army of lint bunnies living in your jeans.

All this to say, one reason why I haven’t posted in a long time, despite having many ideas to write about, is that I never feel like I have the time to polish my thoughts for publication (or peel and reset them to airtight, bullet proof, heart moving, page turning, mind blowing perfection if you will). Since that feeling is unlikely to change in the near future, and the first try is sometimes good enough, I plan on posting thoughts more frequently as they come, accepting the consequences of not thoroughly revising them before publication. Hopefully only one or two dust bunny warriors will get through…