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Succeeding as a Christian at Amazon and in the Marketplace

Are marketplace values compatible with God’s Kingdom? Does succeeding according to corporate values and principles help us grow into the likeness of Christ? Does following Jesus faithfully enable us to succeed in the corporate world? In this talk (audio below),… Continue Reading →

Faith+Tech+Entrepreneurship Q&A

I recently had the privilege of sitting on a panel discussion about faith, technology, entrepreneurship and Sabbath rest for a class of students from Gordon Conwell Seminary co-taught by my friend Al Erisman. It was a great mix of students ranging from… Continue Reading →

Walking a tightrope.

Although it can feel like walking on a tight rope, the tension between relying on human ability versus trusting in God’s grace is not resolved by “staying balanced”. Are we praying so much we’ve turned passive? Are we relying on our own strength… Continue Reading →

Are Honor Killings Condoned in the Bible?

A friend of mine asked a really hard question. It seems like honor killings are condoned in the Bible. What does this mean for Christians? Below is the Facebook conversation with my response at the end: ######## (My Friend Posted… Continue Reading →

2 Motivations for Technology

Here are two ways to view technology:1. Technology is for human independence2. Technology is for human freedom The first attitude is frustrated with the need to depend on God or other human beings for anything and therefore strives to develop… Continue Reading →

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