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How to ruin a brand new car in less than 24 hours and still give thanks

The jarring jolt unleashed a flood of adrenaline through my veins. A stunned silence follows the moment of impact. In disbelief, I look down at the bright blue “R” glowing in the dark under my right hand. After shifting the… Continue Reading →

Why Small Means Fast

It’s common knowledge that the main advantage of small organizations is their agility and speed. A friend of mine recently showed me a $20 pull up bar he bought for his room. He’s probably a lean 5’9″–a whole half foot… Continue Reading →

My top 5 iPad apps (so far)

It’s been about three weeks since I purchased my iPad and I thought it would be fitting to write up a list of my favorite apps so far. I chose to write about apps that don’t come with a new… Continue Reading →

Throne of Grace

Before the throne of graceIt feels like endless spaceTo pray and seek His face,Wrapped in His warm embrace,So never leave this place.

Why today is not my day

Today is not my day. My computer’s network connection went awry last night so I couldn’t make more progress on my work (it was after midnight, so technically it’s today). This morning I woke up and felt a sharp sting… Continue Reading →

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