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Ancient idols overtake me in my distress;I hide from the Lord, my mind so oppressed.Even the next morning from slumber awake,To find that cruel masters are ready to takeMy morning of prayer and breakfast of joy.By driving me inward, my… Continue Reading →

When does “real life” begin?

When we are in elementary school, we look forward to middle school, and when we are in middle school, we look forward to high school, and when we are in high school we look forward to college and when we… Continue Reading →

2 Motivations for Technology

Here are two ways to view technology:1. Technology is for human independence2. Technology is for human freedom The first attitude is frustrated with the need to depend on God or other human beings for anything and therefore strives to develop… Continue Reading →

Truth versus Trust

Truth and Trust are two legitimate ways of influencing people (in addition to rightful authority, etc). The first appeals to reason, what is true and the object’s own mind, experiences and processes which they trust. The second appeals to relationship… Continue Reading →

Why I haven’t posted in a lonnnggggg time…

Writing is like installing a screen protector on a smartphone. You blow off all the electrified dust bunnies and painstakingly try to lay on the clear sticker without creating ugly bubbles of doom. The first try is usually pretty good, but… Continue Reading →

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