Ancient idols overtake me in my distress;
I hide from the Lord, my mind so oppressed.
Even the next morning from slumber awake,
To find that cruel masters are ready to take
My morning of prayer and breakfast of joy.
By driving me inward, my sin soon employs
Each craving desire to turn me from God
‘Til my will succumbs, a slave to false gods.
 While taking a shower, it soon became clear
My heart became dull due to unbelief, fear.
Hardship, hard work and distant dreams slew,
The hope which I felt could power me through.
Then the music replayed in my sleepy head,
A reminder of sins, burdens for which you bled.
 How amazing you are Lord, how can one not praise?
Failure leads me to love you, your impossible grace.
Confessing my sin, I felt nothing at first
Your Spirit came in and showed me my worst
Was taken by Christ who joyfully bore
My death on the cross, his body all sore
From beatings and bruisings and whippings galore.
And before his last breath he weakly pled
“Father, forgive them”, his flesh ripped to shreds.
He gave up his spirit and was buried that day
This morning’s sin with him, cast far away.
 The tomb was soon shaken, victory secured
He disarmed my oppressors with judgment deferred.
And burying my sin he gave me his life
Impossibly strong, it makes me alive,
Restoring my morning and breakfast of praise.
I thank my good Father for the Son that he gave
And take up my cross to face this new day
Knowing my Savior’s good purpose holds sway.