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Rejoicing in Absentia

Last weekend, Ceaseless won Best Existing Code and Best Use of the Digital Bible Platform at Code for the Kingdom Bay Area. I missed the announcement of the winners because I had to catch a flight back to Seattle. This… Continue Reading →

Waiting to Pitch

Poem describing how I felt before pitching at Code for the Kingdom Bay Area. See Rejoicing in Absentia for part 2. Anxious waiting, bated breath Drumbeat heartbeat, racing mind Blinking, shaking, questioning If I’m crazy. Theory, practice, saying, doing, knowing,… Continue Reading →

Poem: In Times of Trouble

I recently found this poem I wrote in 2008. Not the best (I edited it some), but it described my heart at the time. (Please read poetry aloud 🙂 ) In times of trouble God is near To rescue people… Continue Reading →

Wet Paper

I found this excerpt from a prayer journal entry on November 11th, 2012. I feel like a piece of paper, floating on the surface of a lake, soaked and shivering in the wind, tossed about with the waves, wandering aimlessly… Continue Reading →

Rake up your memories

Rake up your memories Fading with time, Falling like leaves, Thoughts past their prime. Tear-drenched, Sticky, Wind-worn, Torn by pain. Some, bright yellow, Bring smiles like the sun. Others, boring brown, are Mundane piles of daily debris. Though boring outweigh… Continue Reading →

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